Monday, September 16, 2019

Skulls and molds

As usual, "40k" means "not enough skulls"

And some molds, made from printer parts, for the diorama:

Purity seal

Broke the purity seal on the garage dread's shoulder a while back.
Here is a new one:

I might write up a post about how I went about doing that...

Friday, September 13, 2019

Freehand raven

On the chassis of the garage dread:

It's covered in gloss coat, so I can add some oil-based weathering.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Garage dread: chipping and insignia

Slapped some chipping and insignia on the garage dread.

Basically, the same process as the Raptor's chipping, but I went a step further and added chipped insignia too. This was done by fully painting the insignia, then etching out parts with the basecoat it was painted on.

So far I have a raven on the right shoulder, close support designation on the left, and an aquilla and skull on the shin guards. I love how the raven and aquilla came out. The close support is cool. Not sure about the skull, but I can still fix it up.

He is joined by a test marine, also chipped. I didn't chip the marine's insignia, I want him to look fresher.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Garage dread wip

He is getting the rough and ready treatment. Needs some insignias and then a ton of weathering.
Because of the rough cast, with visible bubbles and scarring, I aim to add very rough weathering, and lots of dust and rain/oil streaking...

New house, new cave

Ready to rock

Or, at least, roll.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Cheap DIY cable / tentacle roller

I've been looking at the Roll Maker Set from Green Stuff World for a while, thinking that this is one tool I should buy instead of make, since I need a lot of cables for the dreadnought diorama. However, the Roll Maker is pretty pricey and shipping ain't free. But I think I found a suitable cheap homebrew solution...

A bit of backstory: In the summer we drove up to Yellowstone for a two week trip. While there, the kids wanted to do the Junior Ranger program. As reward for finishing the program, they each got a couple of "rewards", one of which was a plastic bookmark with a shifting image of Old Faithful on it. Being kids, they promptly found that that the bookmark would snap quite easily, so that is what they all then proceeded to do.

Of course, the reason the bookmarks snapped easily is because they are lenticular cards, and the tiny channels that make up the surface (which produce the shifting images as you turn the card) are weak points. These channels are exactly what I need to roll cables with. So after they got bored snapping their cards, I quietly stepped in and "rescued" the broken pieces. Once home, I set to work...

1) Because the pieces are flexible, I needed to stiffen them, so I first cut some thicker board into the right size:

Then I scored the backs of the card, and glued them onto the boards with PVA.

2) After the glue dried, I rolled out a small sausage of poly clay, placed it onto the bottom card, and carefully rolled over the sausage with the top card.

3) Profit! A nicely textured cable, ready to be plugged into the diorama.


Here is a closeup:

The texture is fine, but suitable for the 28 / 32mm models I scratchbuild.

A additional modification I plan to make will be to add a guide along one side of the bottom card. Then I don't have to as careful to keep the top card straight while rolling.

Needless to say I'm keeping an eye out for other textured surface which can be (ab)used in the same way...

Let me know if you try this :)

Thursday, August 29, 2019


So I've started posting stuff on instagram, my handle there is gorb314.
And at some point I thought it would be great to have a link back to this blog, so that if someone was interested they could get back here and read up a bit more.

Life carried on, for a bit. Then all of a sudden instagram started blocking my actions for some reason, and I finally figured out it was because of that link...

Facebook is being vague about why. Using the facebook debugger only tells me that the link to this website can't reviewed "because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know". They even give you a little dialog box, that probably goes straight to /dev/null.

So pray tell, Facebook. Which part of this website does not meet your "Community Standards"?

From a bit of googling, it looks like most blogspot links are blocked by the Facebook monopoly. Is this just Facebook being an a-hole to Google?

Thursday, August 22, 2019

A visit to the Dentist

Cast some skulls from the master model, then drilled the chain feed channels out.
Say aaaaaaah

The buildlog has more photos of the casting process. Also, the 'gram.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Skulls skulls skulls

In the future there is only skulls

Some wip on the dreadnought diorama.
More photos over at the buildlog.
Also instagram.